Amanda García

Amanda holds a BS in Social Science and has worked for many years as a translator specialized in public health and complementary medicine.

She had her training as a CranioSacral Therapist at the Upledger Institute and the Barral Institute in Spain, where she worked as a translator and interpreter. This gave her the opportunity to translate study guides, workshops and conferences for many years; to attend many times the full advanced training and other conferences and seminars (including advanced Craniosacral Therapy and somatoemotional release, the full visceral manipulation currículum, specialized courses on the brain and the central nervous system, pediatrics, obstetrics, dissection, etc.) and learn from the work and wisdom of some of the best Craniosacral and visceral manipulation therapists and teachers in the World. She started her first private practice in Salamanca, Spain, where she worked for the Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She lives and Works in San Miguel de Allende since 2012.

Craniosacral Therapy with SomatoEmotional Release is a gentle, profound and non-invasive approach to whole-body health. It is a physical, emotional and energetic therapy that focuses on solving physiological and emotional problems at their source by using the individual’s inherent self-corrective mechanisms. It has been shown that it is and excelent tool for self-knowledge, enhances general health, reduces accumulated stress, strengthens central nervous system function and improves resistance to disease.

If you suffer from chronic pain or dysfunction; life seems a little difficult to cope with at the moment, or if you just instinctively feel that you are capable of getting more from your body and life, Craniosacral Therapy can be a quick, profound and safe modality that can bring you support and clarity, helping you get in contact with the deeper causes of your condition or situation.