Online Sessions

Between our wishes and our present reality there is a complete inner world of obstacles that most of the time we cannot even see or identify. That which blocks us, depresses, irritates us, damages or isolates us has an internal source that we can learn to identify and transform.


In the online consultation we work together via Skype, using a tool that I like to call the somatoemotional meditation. By listening without judgment we will try to establish a dialogue between your conscious mind and your emotional body, in order to identify which emotions and false beliefs lie behind your stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, emotional pain, etc. A profound and lovingly guided path toward greater clarity, confidence and self-awareness.

How to Set up an Online Appointment

1. You can make your payment using the PayPal 'Donar' button you will find on the left. The investment for an online session is 850 Mexican pesos. You can see the equivalent to your own currency here:

2. Please have your Skype username ready. If you do not have Skype yet you can easily download it here:

3. Fill out this simple form:

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